About Simplex

Founded in 2015, Simplex Sciences, Inc. is an independent venture in New Haven, CT that specializes in the production of high-quality single-stranded DNA ladders. We are dedicated to improving access to efficient and reliable diagnostic laboratory tools, investing in cutting-edge research and development, and facilitating innovative biochemical discoveries. Our customized single-stranded DNA ladders serve an important and invaluable function to academic and industrial researchers.

We supply various labs with single-stranded DNA ladders from our selection of core products. We are also able to provide customized single-stranded DNA ladders upon request. Please reach out to us with any of your single-stranded DNA ladder needs.

Our Team


Maya Overton

Eli Metzner

Lori Jia

Brandon Camp

Alexandra Brocato

Jasper Feinberg

Guan Li

Randall Kras

Patrick Brown

Board of Directors


Qi Cao

Patrick Ng, MD

Blake Smith, MD



Hongzhou Gu, PhD