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Making Complex Science





Simplex Team

Jasper Feinberg

Chief Operating Officer

Sean Guo

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Wang

Chief Marketing Officer



Maya Overton

Chief Executive Officer

Eli Metzner

Chief Scientific Officer

Lori Jia

Head of Production

Board of Directors

Qi Cao

Patrick Ng

Blake Smith


Hongzhou Gu, PhD




(510) 847-9188


219 Prospect St.

Kline Biology Tower

Yale University

New Haven, CT 06520


M-F | 9:00-5:00


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ship your products internationally?

Yes. While Squarespace does not allow you to set your shipping address outside of the United States, go ahead and set a false shipping address and email us at with the actual shipping address after you place the order.

Do you create or customize products?

Yes. Simplex Sciences is proud of our flexibility for innovation. If you would like us to make a product or customize an existing product, please send us an email. We will decide whether it falls within our capacities and whether we can scale the product. If we decide to create the product, we will reply back and give you an estimate on the shipping date.