What are MTPlex Primers?

Simplex’s new MTPlex multi-targeted primers represent an innovation in transcriptomics and proteome characterization. Produced via a proprietary algorithm and validated in S. cerevisiae, N. crassa, and P. aeruginosa, MTPlex primers exclusively amplify all protein-coding genes from whole RNA samples, isolating protein-coding transcripts from ribosomal and noncoding RNAs that could be a source of unwanted noise in downstream applications. In addition to the species listed above, MTPlex primers can be custom-ordered for different species as well: email contact@simplexsciences.com with inquiries.

Why mtplex?

MTPlex has been proven to perform with higher fidelity and efficiency than standard oligo-dT or random hexamer primers for RT-PCR applications, and can be used as a complement to gene-specific primers in controls for specific expression assays. Intended uses of the generated cDNA include microarray and RNA-seq analysis, generation of cDNA libraries, and other next-gen transcriptome profiling methods. Compatible with all standard RT-PCR kits, MTPlex primers will simplify your transcriptomics workflow.